Anam Cara Geelong is a community service committed to providing care for people affected by life limiting illness. Anam Cara Geelong offers support to people of all ages and denominations who are seeking hospice care within the Geelong and district communities, by providing access to day respite, short term Palliative respite accommodation, Community Outreach and end of life palliative care.



Who is Anam Cara House Geelong for?

People affected by a life limiting illness, some exclusion criteria exists – patients that wander, aggressive or those who are acutely unwell and therefore require acute medical intervention.

What services do you offer?

Day Hospice – palliative respite for adults of all ages. Currently available 10am – 3pm 3days per week and this will increase to 5 days in the future.

Overnight Care – symptom management, medication management.

Palliative Respite – overnight inpatient care for people with life limiting illness.

End of Life – overnight care for people with life limiting illness at the end of life.

Day Hospice and overnight palliative respite enable carers to have a break from the caring role.

How is Anam Cara House Geelong staffed?


Day Hospice is coordinated & staffed by the Day Hospice Program Manager a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in palliative care. The Day Hospice Program Manager is supported by a team of palliative trained volunteers and an activities coordinator.

End of Life and Overnight Care is staffed 24 hrly by a Registered Nurse with extensive experience and/or post graduate palliative care qualifications and a palliative care trained volunteer. If patient acuity is such another staff member may supplement this staffing profile.

Community Outreach Nurse is a Registered Nurse with extensive community referral and palliative care experience.


A roster of qualified medical practitioners is available on call 24/7. The Doctors are rostered for one month at a time, they will cover each other such the rostered Doctor is ill or needs time off. Should a Doctor be uncontactable the Registered Nurse will contact the medical director. Amongst the roster are 2 palliative care consultants, one of which is available at any given time for consultation.

Can I have my own General Practitioner or Consultant?

Yes, your General Practitioner or specialist consultant are invited to continue caring for your whilst at Anam Cara House Geelong.

What is the referral process?

Referrals can be made by any medical practitioner, nursing staff, allied health, family, friends and yourself. Contact the General Manager, Day Hospice Program Manager or Community Outreach.

What does the Community Outreach Nurse (CON) do?

Not all people with a life limiting illness are linked in with services, know what services are available or what services they are entitled to access. That is where the Community Outreach Nurse can assist.

The Community Outreach Nurse assesses the needs of the person with the life limiting illness. They then refer to the most appropriate service. These other services may include allied health (physio/OT/speech therapist/dietetics), counselling, community nursing, community palliative care, inhome respite services such as Complete Care through Multicultural Aged Care Services.  They can provide some equipment – Anam Cara House Geelong has a small equipment loan bank.

The nurse can refer to Community Palliative Care, liaise with your Doctor for referral to Barwon Health Palliative Care Services for admission or refer to Anam Cara House Geelong. The Community Outreach Nurse can assist/advise re access/paperwork for other services.

During the assessment and referral process the Community Outreach Nurse will liaise and collaborate with you, your Doctor and other services to achieve the most appropriate outcome for you and your carer.

What are the fees for your services?

Currently there is no set fee schedule. GMHBA members may be eligible for fee payment for some overnight. National Disability Insurance Scheme recipients can be eligible depending on plan. We ask for a donation to assist with our care provision as most of our funding is provided by trust and donors. Anam Cara House Geelong did receive a grant from the State Government to assist in the running of Day Hospice & the Community Outreach Nurse costs- this does not cover any part of the overnight or End of Life care, or any other running costs.

Where are you located?

The corner of Myers and Yarra St’s in the former presbytery.

Do I have to be Catholic?

Anam Cara House Geelong is non-denominational and accepts people of all faiths or social circumstances.

What if I become acutely unwell whilst at Anam Cara House Geelong?

The nursing staff will be monitoring your condition just as they would in a hospital, in fact several of our nursing staff work at both an acute hospital and Anam Cara House Geelong. Should there be any changes in your condition noted, the nurses will contact your Doctor and advise them of your condition. The Doctor’s orders will be actioned; this could be a change in medication or transfer to an acute hospital.

Anam Cara House Geelong has an escalation policy and depending on the patient’s condition, will follow the appropriate protocol. Which could include Emergency Ambulance transfer to Barwon Health Emergency Department or liaising with your Doctor to arrange transfer to the hospital of your choice.

As a hospice, Anam Cara House Geelong does not have a resuscitation team, but our nursing staff are competent in CPR and can continue this and other emergency care until the paramedics arrive and takeover your care.

I have an advanced care directive, will my wishes be respected?

On admission to any of our programs you will complete a registration form. This form allows us to identify if you have an advanced care directive. We will discuss your wishes should you have a directive or not. A copy of your directive is kept at the front of your history for quick reference. So, the answer is Yes, your wishes will be respected.

For further information please contact us.